Smokie Czechtour - březen 2011

16. - 19. 3. 2011



Hi Terry, Martin, Mike, Mick, Steve, Jason, Vernon and Sean,

welcome to here. We are very glad for your reading it. The third tour around our country, where we were with you together, has just finished. In our opinion it was the best one and you are seem to be more and more popular here. There is no doubt, that the Czech Republic loves you! Thank you very much for your kindness, friendship and neverending patience with our English and at the last but not at least for your acception of all of us. And special thanks to Mike (he knows why). After your leaving, we decided to buy a privat fanclub plane to be able to see your show in the South Africa. It seems to be necessary to start levying membership fees.

See you sometimes again

Jozef, Jana, Láďa, Karolína a Petr


SO 19. 3. 2011  - Plzeň/ DK Inwest
PÁ 18. 3. 2011  -  Pardubice/ Zimní stadion
ČT 17. 3. 2011  -  Brno/ BVV PavilonG
ST 16. 3. 2011  -  Krnov/ MC Kofola