On The Wire

1. Over You

intro:    A, A/G#, F#mi,




It was a cold night

January light by a silver moon

And the band played

another serenade to lovers tune

But your crying eyes never could disguise

What was on your mind

And through it all I never would have called

You the hurting kind




               D                       E

Then you closed your eyes said goodbye

       A              A/G#     F#mi
And turned and walked away

                                 Hmi              E

Baby don't you know it's true

E                      A            A/G#     F#mi
There's nothing more that I can do

                    Hmi                        E
Even though I know we've through

                     A   A/G#    F#mi
I just can't get over you


intro:    A, A/G#, F#mi,


Like the last time you said that you were
Mine and you'll never go
Those were good days thought you'll figured
Out a way I would never know
I was crazy to let myself believe I was the only one
I was so blind should have seen the sign of all the
Things to come





(Chorus 2)

 A              D                  E                   A        

I can't get over you and leave it all behind me

          Hmi                  C#mi         D

Every face I see every place I go reminds me


Now I realise you told me lies I'm looking for
Reasons I just don't know why
Should 've known better should've been strong
God knows I've got to find the strength to carry on

So just close your eyes and say goddbye
Turn and walk away






2. Aint Gonna Rain



E                     H

Girl I'd better tell you now

F#mi        A
I'd better warn you
I'm not like any other guy
Who came off the street corner
Cos I got a heritage
Yeah, I got history
And I got Indian blood
Deep inside of me



E         H            F#mi        A
No it ain't gonna rain no more
No it ain't gonna rain no more


Girl you'd better hold on tight
If you want the ride of your life
You'd better watch me
Cos I'M gonna watch you
Accross the big white plain
To a new horizon
Taking the wise words of old
Joe Cherokee



E         H            F#mi        A
No it ain't gonna rain no more
No it ain't gonna rain no more



Girl I'm in a wonder

Wonder world

A                             H
And I'd give you my world
If I could


Now girl you better listen to me
Cos my heart's no longer free
I can see it in the cloud
I can feel it in the wind



E         H            F#mi        A
No it ain't gonna rain no more
No it ain't gonna rain no more




3. Love On A Wire


Can you feel my heartbeat

Beating like a drum
Trying to touch your cold heart
Beating up the right song

Moving with the back beat
Hanging 'round your door

Play your little love game
But baby I want more



D              G                    D
Love on a wire lifting me up

D              G                    D
Love on a wire don't look down

D              E     G
Love on a wire trying to keep your

A                 D
Feet off the ground


It's not so easy
Walking on a tightrope
With no safety net
Living on high hope
Waitin' on your call
Headin' for a fall
You got me hangin' on
Baby don't get me wrong


         Emi                       G

Cos every once in a while I feel

       Emi                      A
Your love can take me higher

Emi                  G                 A
Every once in a while I see desire




Baby don't get me wrong
Cos every once in a while I feel
Your cold heart getting warmer
And every once in a while I feel
Your fire







intro:    C, Ami, Dmi, G, - 2x


C                         Ami
Can you hear me when I call your name

     Dmi                        G
Or was it the wind that took it away
And I still feel your every move
I die and cry with every thought of you

Fmaj7                                G

When I look there's no one there
Do you know how much I really care




     C                             Emi
So why we're so rich in love

Maybe we're the only ones

No rights no wrongs
Don't try it was meant to be
We'll never be the lonely ones
And I'll build a better world for you

And me


Somedays I can't make it through
Somedays I never really wanted to
And I'm still searching but it's been
So long
I'm pretending that there's nothing wrong
In my heart you know you'll always be
The only love that lives inside of me




Fmaj7         G

Need you so I won't let it go
Need you so

In my memory you'll always be
My heart and soul my dream
My destiny









I'm giving up the cigarettes

Gonna pay back all my debts

Gonna get up with the dawn

Paint the tence and mow the lawn

       C                          D             G
I'm sure gonna be one busy man tomorrow




I'm gonna cut back on the booze

Clean my shirt and shine my shoes
Shave the stubble off my chin
Take a close of discipline
and join the human race again




           Emi               D

Cos I miss you and I wish you baby

C                       G
Were here with me

     Emi                   D
If you tell me that you'll come back

     C               A                        D
I'll got myself together wait and see




I'm gonna make a brand new start
I'll even mend your broken heart
If you give us one last try
You're gonna see a different guy
I'll show you that old habits can die

Cos I miss you and I wish you
Were here with me
But if you tell me that you'll come back

                                                    D E - A
I'll get myself together wait and see



Gonna make a brand new start some time

I'll even mend your broken heart

And if you give us one last try

You're gonna see a different guy

D                               E
I'll show you that old habbits can die





6. Mistral Wind

intro:  G Csus2 2x, G D Emi Ami - C



G               Csus2
Each time I leave you

      G                  D              
It's with a heavy heart

Emi          Hmi
But these obligations

C             D      
Keep us apart

Emi                  Hmi
This chill in the air here

                 C           C/H  Ami  D
Makes me miss you even more

D                                         G
Wish I was standing on your shore




           G       C
Mistral wind blowing from north west

 G                                D         
Taking me back to the place I can rest

         Emi   D              C
Mistral wind won't you carry me home

                   D          G
Back to the heart of Paleo



Learn to see your shooting stars
And feel the evening breeze
Walk along the rocky path
Among your olive trees
And though you're just one tiny jewel
In the Ionian sea
There's no place else I'd rather be



C                 D

So I'll keep working hard and

G          G/F#    Emi
Waiting for the day

C                  Ami                 D
When I'll be coming back to stay


Each time I leave you
It's with a heavy heart
But these obligations
They keep us apart
This chill in the air here
Makes me miss you even more
Wish I was standing on your shore
Wish I was standing on your shore




7. Endless Way

intro:  C F



You never had the feeling that
You've been loved - ever sad

Look the ground beneath your feet

Had to cry and you got weak

you run away tell me why

Just what for - tryin' to hide
The voices that you could hear

Gave you doubt a lof of fear

Ami             G                      F

Baby it isn't easy to go your way

Ami                            G
Tumbling through the darkness

Longing of the day



F                     C                 G
Wherever you reach in the end

                          Ami               F
Sometimes you need a helping hand

                 C                      G   Emi                 F
This is my call - this is my call, have no fear at all

On your endless way



You'll see the sky out from grey
No more run and hide away
Don't lose sight for the right
Till you see the shining light

I don't mind don't get me wrong
There's a kind of frost among
Live it up day by day
To give it you - and that's now way

Baby it isn't easy to go your way
Tumbling through the darkness
Longing for the day



Ami             G                      F

Baby it isn't easy to go your way

Ami                             G
Tumbling through the darkness and

Longing for the day






8. Midnight Train

intro:      C D - 2x



Emi                                     C

Get on board at the city line

C                                    G
Head up north on the 45

Live for the weekend

      D        C      D  
It's friday night

Emi                                              C

Summer nights they come and go

C                                        G 
Just kids going out to show

G                                                    D
Spending hard earned all night long

Ami                    C              D

Gonna leave our worries behind




G          D                       C
On the midnight train to paradise

                 G                 D
(No more) looking back we can say

That we were right

G                    D
We're on the midnight

Train to paradise

It's the place to be calling

C               D
Destiny tonight


intro:      C D - 2x



On the trail of the neon lights
Cruisin' cars in the city night
Hit the road still running playin' cool
Jump the bars and blow a fuse
Crazy girls we can never lose
Breakin' hearts and breakin' all the rules

And we all go crazy going crazy tonight




            G                              D

On the midnight train gonna get away

The feelings running high

            G                              D
And adrenalin's started pumping in

It's time to let it by






9. Hot Lovin'



Streets with no names

                            D               Hmi
Somehow lead me back to you

Love with no shame

Brings me to the heart of you

Each time it's the same


And I see you in the light

And it takes my breath away

To know you're waiting for me

And I'm looking in your eyes

And you're looking into mine



Hot Lovin' comes over me

I gotta stop and take the fall

Hot lovin' and I can't break free

I'm standing here back's against the wall

      Gmi                                        F   
It's just something I need like the air that I breath

 Bb                                          C
Your loving keeps bringing me back

Back to you baby


Days without end
Keep me far away from you
But a voice on the wind
Tells me you're waiting for me
And I'm looking in your eyes
You're looking into mine



  Dmi                 C

Back to you baby


Let the rain keep falling down


I'll find the sun in your arms

I can't stay away for long

This feeling's way too strong

I keep running to you baby

       Gmi      C
It's where I belong


 Gmi            F         

Just like the air that I breath

Bb                                           C
Your love keeps bringing me back






10. A Million Conversations

intro:  G C/G; 4x



We can try to understand

It's something we should know

A mother's dream is broken

And she's got nowhere to go
Do we know just what we're doing
We're living in the past
The hopes and dreams we're hiding
Seem to hold on to the last

    D                              C                 G

A million conversations never said a word

    D                                      C                             D
Countless delegations saying things that won't be heard



Emi - Hmi   C                 G 
Oh   oh      try to understand

The children of the future

Gotta have a chance

Emi - Hmi      C                     G
Oh     oh   it's time to make it right

There's gotta be a better way

There's gotta be a better way


intro:  G C/G; 4x


You'll fight a war for fame
No-one takes the blame
She sells her soul for water
As they faced another plane
We don't know what we're doing
The innocent won't last
Praying that their conscience makes
Them reconize the past

A million conversations never said a word
Countless delegations saying things that
Won't be heard





11. African Nights


A                                G        D
Over a land where the water flows

An eagle flies where the west wind blows
I saw her eyes shining crystal clear

G            D        A
One in a million years

             F#mi                            D
And our hearts were one under burning suns

          Hmi    Dbmi              D        
to the city of gold we will run




A                              E         A
I still remember the African nights

A                 D            G                E
Deep in my memory it burns me inside

I've thrown down my chains and

       E            A

I'm ready to fight

A                D             F#mi
Can we recapture the fire at the

           E         A
at the African nights



From where I stand I can feel her touch
I'm in her hands and it means so much
I undersand when the vision is gone
This feeling inside carries on
If the heart and mind reach a borderline
Who could consider it a crime




A                    D

Tar nem seng yaaro

      Hmi            E/A - E 
We hear you we follow
Tar nem seng yaaro
We hear you we follow



transpose to H

H                             F#         H      E  A  F# H  E... 
I still remember the African nights




12. Broken Hearts



A                                       F#mi
I'm just nother guy on an empty road

Waiting patiently for someone

I don't know
I'm just another face in a
Crowded room
Got that feeling that they're
Watching me
But they look straight through




E    A A         A/Ab           F#mi
Broken hearts don't ever lie


Broken hearts don't ever lie


You can push and shove

'Til you've had enough

'Til the tears all run dry

             A      A/Ab            G
Broken hearts don't ever lie

No matter what the future holds

They say that broken hearts

Don't ever lie



It's just another day in a
Lonely year
A million miles from somewhere
A million miles from here
It's just another place in a
Different time
Alone here with the memory
Of a past I left behind




I'm just another guy
On an empty road
A million miles from somewhere
Get a million miles to go







13. Home Is Anywhere You Are



There are times when I feel that life's

C                         C/G   C 
Road is endlessly long

           G             G/F#          Emi
But as each day comes to a close

                        Ami    D
I know where I belong

            C       D    Emi
In your arms I've found a harbour

For my soul

         G                                        D
And there's no better place that I know




Cos my

G             G/F#          Emi

Home is anywhere you are

And your love is always

My direction
Doesn't matter if you're near or far
I will always be there
Home is anywhere you are



Well my mam and papa raised me
Made me what I am
Then you stepped out of my dreams
And you made me a man
Your sweet gift of love
A wonder to behold
When it's time to come in from the cold
I know




       C                   D  

And I believe that I

               Hmi                 C
Know the meaning of my life

         G                                  D
Every time that I look in your eyes

I know






14. Josephine

intro:    C F - C


 C      G       
Oh I feel there's something missing

               F           C
From this heart of mine
I've looked around forever
But it's hard to find

          F                     G
But it ain't so hard to see

                  C        C/H      Ami
That you're lonely just like me

     Dmi               F
Together we can spred our

wings and fly



        C                  F
And I will be your king

    G                    C      
If you will be my queen

Ami                    Dmi
We can ride wild horses

Through this land of broken dreams
And I will be your prince
If you will be my Josephine
Sailing under a shining star above

           F                 C
To the kingdom of love




There's an empty feeling waiting
In your heart tonight
But if you look up to the heaven
There's a shining light
You know my love is true
Cos I'm lonely just like you
Just spread those wings
And see how high we fly






     Dmi             C

If we believe in miracles

        F                      G
We'll sail this ship to shore
I'll take you to another world
Where I can love you more
And more


(Chorus) transpose to D:  D, G, A, Hmi, Emi, A, D