Living Next Door To Alice




Sally called and she got the word.

D                               E             A          E

She said I suppose you've heard..............About Alice...



When I rushed to the window and I looked the outside,


I could hardly believe my eyes.

E                             A             E

The big limosine hold up into Alice's driver...



Refrain :__________________________________________________


I don't know why she's leaving and whee she's going to go.


I guess she's got reasons, but I just don't want to know.

         E                                      A     E

Just for 24 years I've been living next door to Alice......



24 years just waiting for a chance


to tell her how I fell and maybe get a second glance.

          E                      E7                  A     E

Now, I've got to get used to not living next door to Alice...





We walked together, two kids in the park.

D                                             E        A      E

Carved our initials, deep in the bark   ....................Me and Alice



As she walks to the door and keep her hand high..


Just fo a moment, I cought her eyes.

E                                       A              E

As the big limosine move slowly, out of Alice's driver...


Refrain...(Use Riff#1 instead of last E )...



And Sally called back and ask how I felt.

D                              E              A        E

And she said I know how to help.........Get over Alice...



She said now Alice has gone but I'm still here...


You know I've been waiting 24 years....


The big limosine disappeared.........





          E                     E7                 A (EndRiff)

No, I'll never get used to not living next door to Alice.....



Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone


 Intro: G  D  G  D  G  D  G  A

        G              D

(1)    If you want my sympathy

       G              D

       Just open your heart to me

       G              D                    A

       And you'll get whatever you'll ever need

       G                   D

       You think that's to high for you

       G                D

       Oh baby, I would die for you

       G                   D

       When ther's nothin' left


       You know where I'll be


       D               Hm

Refr.: Lay back in the arms of someone

       D             Em

       Givin' to the charms of someone

       G               A                D   A

       Lay back in the arms of some you love    (darlin')

       D               Hm

       Lay back in the arms of someone

       D                    Em

       When you feel you're a part of someone

       G               A                    D   G D G D G D G A

       Lay back in the arms of  someone you love


       G            D

(2)    So baby just call on me

       G             D

       When you want all of me

       G                D

       And I'll be your lover


       And I'll be your friend

       G                 D

       There's nothing I won't do

       G                  D

       'Cause baby I just live for you

       G               D

       With nothing to hide


       No need to pretend          (Refr.)


       A    G                        D

Break: Oh I know you think that's to high for you

       G               D

       Oh baby I would die for you

       G                    D

       When there's nothing left


       I'll be with you            (Refr.)


Needles And Pins                     



Intro: A  A6  A  A6  A9  E E 2x    A  A6  A9 A



I saw her today


I saw her face


It was a face I loved


And I knew, I had to run away


And get down on my knees and pray


That they'd go away

               A  A6  A  A6  A9

And still they begin


Needles and pins


Because of all my pride


The tears I'm gonna hide



Oh, thought I was smart


I'd won a heart


Didn't think I do


But now you see


She's worse to him and me


Let her go ahead


take this love instead


And one day she will see

                 A  A6  A  A6  A9

Just how to say "please"


Get down on her knees


Ayeah, that's how they begin


She'll feel those needles and pins


Hurtin' her, hurtin' her


 C#m                                H                     H B A

Why can't I stop and tell myself I'm wrong, I'm wrong, so wrong

 A                                        As

Why can't I stand up, and tell myself I'm strong


 As                C#   Bm  F#  As

Because I saw her today ... (repeat 1fst verse - Tonartwechsel)



Take Good Care Of My Baby



       G             Em

Intro: My tears are fallin'

                     C          D

       'cause you've taken her away

           G            Cm

       and so it really hurts me so

                C                         D

       there's somethin' that I've got to say


       G         Em          C    D

( 1 )  Take good care of my, baby

       G            Em            C    D

       please don't ever make her blue

       G         Cm

       just tell her that you love her

       C                Cm

       make sure you're thinkin' of her

       G         Em              C  D

       in everything you say and do


       G         Em          C   D

( 2 )  Take good care of my, baby

       G             Em            C   D

       now don't you ever make her cry

       G             Cm

       just let your love surround her

       C              Cm

       make a rainbow all around her

       G             Em          D   G   G7

       don't let her stare cloudy sky


       Am          D

Break: Once upon a time

               Hm           Em

       that little girl was mine

       Am           D

       If I'd been true

           Hm       Am    Hm       D   G

       I know she'd never be with you


       G         Em          C   D

( 3 )  Take good care of my, baby

       G          Em               C   D

       Be just as kind as you can be

       G/A        Cm/Dm

     | And if you should discouver

       C/D            Cm/Dm

       that you don't really love her

       G/A          Em/F#m

       Just send my baby

       C/D    D/E  G/A

       ho-me  to   me |


       A         F#m         D   E

       Take good care of my, baby (4x and fade out)